Couriers are basically a service for sending money or goods at some extra cost. It involves a person or a company engaged in transporting, dispatching and distributing letters, parcels and mails. In a rather layman term, it can be said that, compared to normal mail service, a courier possess many added features. A courier is much faster, safer and secured than ordinary mail. It is a specialized service with authenticated signatures. It has tracking service with each service being treated as a specific individual case. Dedicated timely deliverance is its primary hallmark. These features do cost a bit extra but with so many features available, the cost gets leveraged.

Indian courier industry has numerous huge and effective courier companies. In general a courier company performs on various scales. To begin with, it can be inter-city and intra-city. From there onwards, a courier company can work on regional, national and even international level. The largest companies in express and logic industry are UPS, FedEx, and DHL to name a few.

Today the huge global companies have their own fleet of trucks and aircrafts solely for the purpose of transporting the logistics whereas the mode of operation in cities is influenced by bicycle and motorcycle. The transporting methodology involves truck owners operating in tandem with the major logistics companies. They normally cover the defined routes.

As mentioned initially, courier service rates are slightly higher than the normal mail service. The rates are generally decided by the weight of the package. The heavier the parcel is, the more the charges are. To take an example, under the norm, there is a fixed charge for package weighing in the range of 500 grams. For every additional weight, the rates increase. The tariff is more for couriers which are intended for abroad. Many companies offer this service of courier to abroad. This is done through air cargos which costs more.

Indian parcel courier market is estimated to be in the tune of 4000 crores and it has witnessed an average yearly growth of 25%. Considering the fact that, market is expected to keep up the growth and development momentum; many international players are betting big time on Indian courier industry. This phenomenon has been manifested by the large interest shown by the courier behemoths. This has also translated into huge investments in Indian express industry. In terms of service, there is a lot to be done in the Indian market, but heartening factor is the apparent set up of the process. As this industry is more about speedy delivery and the swift, timely movement of merchandise, information and finances.

Companies are synchronizing their various processes so that integration of the system and technology can take place in accordance with market demands. Courier work in India is revolutionizing the way Indian mail section used to function. The industry is changing and it’s changing for the better. Indian logistic industry is in the stage of consolidation.

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