Courier Companies In Kolkata

Kolkata, the fourth metro and a hub in eastern and north-east Indian economic market has plenty of courier companies functioning on a major scale.

Couriers in Kolkata are;

GATI Cargo Management Services – covers a wide range of air and sear cargo services.

SkyNet Worldwide Express – International & domestic courier service

Yogayog Courier Pvt Ltd – a local player with expertise in domestic delivery.


• Skypak – a courier behemoth in Indian market, offers plethora of services.



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Courier Companies In Hyderabad

Hyderabad which has witnessed great economic activity in last few decades has numerous numbers of courier players. Reputed Couriers in Hyderabad are:


FedEx – a name which needs no introduction. A giant with spotless service record.

Airborne Express – an emerging player with multi-dimensional services.

Fast Freight Couriers – covers specialized services.

Speed Dispatch Couriersa


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Courier Companies In Chennai

Couriers in Chennai:

Chennai express service

Aramex Couriers (India) Pvt Ltd

Arrow ways

Burlington Air Express I P Ltd


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Courier Companies In Delhi

If we glance through Delhi courier market, being capital of India it has large numbers of courier companies. Growing urbanization and major economic development in adjoining areas of Delhi has only added to the numbers. Few major courier companies in Delhi are:

Elbe – basically covers all segments like Courier services for documents, parcels and goods, trucking company, shipping, air cargo.

Blue Dart – a key player with a proud history, Blue dart focuses on air express incorporated transportation and supply industry.

Blazeflash – specializing in Domestic and international Courier, Personalized and local Courier.

Overnite Express Ltd. – one of the largest courier and cargo solutions provider in India, it has many regional branches.



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Courier Companies In Mumbai

If we take courier companies in Mumbai, the financial capital of India it has many courier companies. Burst ling with every day monumental economic activities, Mumbai is the hub.

Having a port, airport with highest commuter’s density in India, courier companies in Mumbai have a field day in Mumbai performing their scheduled jobs. To name a few major courier companies in Mumbai;


First Flight Couriers – it specializes in Domestic & international courier services. First flight couriers are a major name in Indian courier market.

Vichare – another dispatch services rider which boasts of a good brand name and loyal consumer base. It is one of the prime names in Mumbai courier industry.

Prashant Express – it is primarily involved in Documents and weighty goods delivery.

DHL Express India Pvt. Ltd. involved in almost all kind of shipments and delivery including express mails. It is one of the foremost players not only in Indian market but also in worldwide.


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Courier Companies In India

If one tries to find a courier company in India, one can find them in every nook and corner of the large part of India. The numbers of courier companies in India have seen a growth reminiscent of wildfire.

Many factors have contributed towards this huge spread. Economic growth, technological advancements, escalation of industrial sector, increase in export and import and large scale effect of liberalization are few of the major reasons. Now a day, courier companies are considered as vital component of any economy.

In the earlier days, the major courier players were centered in major metros because of their better connectivity with airport, ports and railways. But with India rapidly becoming a major economic force, now more and more companies are covering cities, towns and rural areas under their wide network. Despite that development, the large and medium sized companies are still based in the metro cities of India.

Recommended visit : Express Industry Council of India, the apex body of over 3000 courier service providers in the country.

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Courier Services In India

Indian courier industry was initially limited to all the four metros. The reason was the airport connection these metros were having. The industry had its start some 15-20 years ago. But with changing economy and technical advancement seen on a daily basis, the industry has extended fast to several metropolis, township and even rural areas. Train, bus, motorcycle and even bicycle have helped the industry in this regard. Industry has traveled a long way and now it has become a very common sight to see an office of Courier Company in the nearby locality.

A courier company in India has its primary virtue is its efficiency. The more efficient it is, better the chances of survival. Considering this is a manpower intensive industry, so the need for highly skilled and trained personnel is of prime importance. The industry is booming and market is brutally competitive so all the companies have to keep improving to sustain in the business. The advancement of technology has also made things slight easier.

The Indian courier market is Rs 7,000-crore courier industry and it is growing at 25% a year. Still, most of the business is in unorganized sector. Few major players dominate the market .Earlier, it used to be a fragmented market but, now the process of consolidation can be seen.

Mainstream companies provide a variety of services. Courier services in India can be segregated in few categories. Basically, it begins with intra-city services which are about speedy delivery of mails and goods within the city. Broadening the services, inter-city services are covered. Normally this is termed as surface cargo services where short distance and bulk loads are handled. Surface mode service is performed through two ways: firstly, on road (by bus or vehicle) and secondly on track (by train) services. The products are normally delivered through door to door.

Then, air express and air cargo services to send parcel to India. The air express service is usually a day faster compared to air cargo. Air express is used by the people who need to send their significant documents across India or the world in urgency; whereas air cargo includes weighty loads and security objects. They provide both national and international services. Courier companies work in tandem with the foremost airlines and in sync with their well tuned, well associated set of connections the timely deliverance and protected service is guaranteed. Few other variant of services could be express services, ocean freight, industry solutions, logistic solutions, shipping tools. These particular services are individual of a company’s area of specialization and diversification.

In general courier service rates in India are subject to weight of the mail and goods. To take an example a parcel weighing 500 grams to be sent within the intra zone costs almost 40 Rs whereas if it is intended for inter zone it will be charged around 80 Rs. There is a high possibility of the rates being increased substantially. The central ministry is expected to introduce a bill in parliament, related to postal charges. Few rates modification is in the pipeline. The dust is supposed to settle down in coming time.

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Courier International

Courier service worldwide has witnessed monumental change since the time the courier service has started. Rising economic development has been a universal phenomenon. Apart from revolutionizing other industries this factor has really fuelled the growth in the international courier market. Time is the biggest factor in international business. Most of the frenzied economic activities face time constraint. There are large numbers of transactions, documents and mails which need to be exchanged, sent and transported. All these factors play a crucial role in courier industry. From a quick, swift deliverance service, it is covering a wide gamut including complete range of logistics, supply chain management, online tracking etc.

Globally, courier companies are leveraging their services. They are also concentrating on synchronizing their various operations. International companies earn their revenue mainly from two sources. One, road transport for the domestic market and secondly, air transport for the deliverance in overseas market. Despite increasing usage of air service, most of the heavy industries companies still rely on rail service. Many courier and parcel companies like FedEx, DHL are focusing on supply chain market as large companies tend to assign this specific task to specialized companies. Biggies already hold expertise in the entire process of picking up the consignment and finally its delivery. So in line with their natural extension, these global behemoths are concentrating on integrating their express service with logistics. This makes sense because logistics is growing monstrously.

New changes can also be seen as more and more companies are adopting just-in-time (JIT) concept which is extremely helpful in speeding up the distribution system. The changing dynamics in courier international market clearly reflects other shades of the industry. Apart from the basic express mail and logistics service, companies are earning revenue through earlier non-existent sources like, inventory management, re-ordering of stocks, warehousing, packaging and shipping etc.

The positive effect of globalization can be seen in courier industry. Because of globalization, the restrictions in international business market are decreasing. Reduced tariffs, much improved infrastructures, large numbers of airlines are the few factors which has changed the way world business used to function. The supply of consumer goods and raw materials come from various sources and countries. This has been very instrumental in promoting air transport service and shipping courier. The business has seen large escalation in size and volume terms. The companies are matching up with their large scale business by adopting various technological measures. To keep the accurate details of the goods, companies are deploying special electronic equipments that help them to monitor and keeping track of the goods and about its location.

In sheer volume terms, industry is on upward swing and is expected to continue the momentum. But in real revenue terms, industry is not likely to attain large gains in near future. Because competition is very tough and few major players dominate the industry. It prevents them from increasing the price. From that point of view, even air courier fares are not likely to see much hike because, if one company increases the price, the customer can easily switch onto the competitor. In real terms, there is not much difference in the quality of the service by the top companies. So even air courier fares where the air courier normally gets huge discounts is not expected to see much change.

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Courier Flights

Courier flights are one of the most interesting aspects of courier industry. It caters to air courier industry. Understanding air courier industry first, it is involved in air delivery of goods, parcels, and addressed letters among other things. Air courier establishment also involves the other modes of transport who are instrumental in picking and delivery. It includes both freight and express mail service. It is a part of air cargo industry.

The data for courier flight says that there are almost 30,000-35000 courier flights per year. Such large numbers provide huge opportunity for having inexpensive tickets. Air courier is the person who goes with the business related freight. All one needs to be an air courier person is to have a valid passport and in few cases of certain age. Often these cargos are sensitive in terms of time.

Air couriers are much in demand because, using commercial cargo takes a lot of time. Time gets consumed in loading of goods and inspection by custom thereafter. While few goods need to be delivered urgently, so using air courier and specifically passenger baggage makes the things much easier. As per the airlines rules, a ticketed passenger must accompany the passenger baggage. This saves the courier companies from great difficulties. As passenger baggage is the first to get offload, so the delivery upon the flight arrival is much easier.

One gets to avail great cheap airfare by flying as a courier. Most often than not, a courier person get to fly even without paying. The coach section is made available for the seating arrangement and the courier person gets all the normal service available to other passengers. The common courier air fares discount is almost 80%-90% of the air fare and that is huge concession. The reduction in price is subject to the demand and time of year. Nevertheless, it offers a great discount.

The process is relatively uncomplicated. It includes a bit of advance planning and some last time arrangements, subject to availability of flights. It is often a last minute arrangement and one needs a lot of spare time and slight streak of adventure. But if one is fond of traveling at such great price, there is no better option than flying as air courier. This policy has become quite indispensable to the air courier industry. One tends to get maximum air fare reduction in the flights with impending leaving dates. Normally the courier company charge some registration fees which is on a yearly basis.

Many a times, the courier person has the option of choosing the desired destination. For that, he/she needs to pay ticket money in advance to the courier company who then arrange for the tickets from the airline. Before departing, an agent or delegate from the company meets the air courier person, delivers him the tickets and passenger baggage along with courier documents. The air courier person has nothing to do with the baggage. The sole task of the air courier person is to deliver the baggage to the courier person at the destination airport. Generally the person is provided return trip tickets too.

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Courier Vacancies

Air courier jobs basically require a person to ship business packages all over the world by using cargo space allotted to customers. Anyone over the age of eighteen can do so by having a valid passport. The advantage to the courier person is that he or she can get incredibly low rates on airfares to Europe, Australia, South America, Asia, and Africa in fact almost anywhere in the world. One does not have to transport the cargo all by oneself; the courier company handles that. All one has to do is carry a copy of the manifest along.

In fact, one can easily save up to 50% or more on fares by traveling as a courier person. And if sometimes one is willing to travel at a quick notice, one can travel absolutely free. To become a courier person, it is better if ones personal schedule is very flexible. One should not mind light traveling, and willing to travel to new places. A passion for travelling and adventure always helps. Best courier services around the world offer as much as eighty five percent discount on a flight rate if one is willing to travel alone on a short notice. The main reason for this is because many companies usually prefer to send their shipments in the cargo hold of commercial airliners with a reliable courier person or a executive passenger on board to escort the delivery.

With increased communication and technology, courier services in India too are on the rise. In India, courier job profile is to operate in an internal courier service by collecting and delivering post and other items. They usually collect all internal mails from offices and other internal sites in accordance with a prescribed schedule. They then deliver the mails to all internal sites in accordance with a prescribed schedule. They also assist in sorting post and in receiving goods and parcels. Basic knowledge, organizational skills and experience is what the essential requirement of the job is.

Apart from that honesty and reliability are also some of the qualities that courier companies look out for while hiring people for courier jobs. It also requires an ability to work without supervision. Maintaining deadlines and delivering the parcel on time is what is very important as far as a courier job is concerned. Knowledge about different places and location is also necessary for the place a courier person is working in. As more and more courier companies are coming up, vacancies in this field is increasing. Prominent courier companies offer good packages along with travel allowances. A courier job can be quite exciting for a person who is passionate about traveling and there are quite a many opportunities available in this field.

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