How To Start A Courier Service

Indian courier industry is blossoming giving opportunities to start one’s own courier service in India. With many global players entering into the lucrative Indian market, there is huge untapped market which is still waiting to be explored. Considering India’s large geographical area, emerging economy, it’s quite prudent to venture into this vastly potential segment.

So, how to start a courier service? To begin with, any individual who is over 18 years of age, has a good health and holds a legitimate passport can start his/her own courier service.

Usually the basic function of a courier is to pick the goods and merchandise and getting them delivered to their intended destinations. A courier service has almost become a daily necessity, because people are always in need of some urgent package delivery. What differentiates courier service from ordinary mail service is the time and speed factor. While deciding on the business start-up one must take into consideration what kind of goods one will be delivering. Here few factors play a big role. Whether one will be operating in rural locality or one will be operating in cities or town. Depending upon these, the cost factor will be clearer as those starting in town will have to face traffic and distant travel. While circling onto these, the starter will also have to consider, about the type of merchandise one will be dealing into. It can be normal goods, heavy equipments, liquids, medication etc. Dealing into these will require license from the local authorities.

Finally after the set up of the business and deciding upon the vehicles to be used the start up company’s ad can be placed so that people come to know about it. The business must also be sure about whether it will be dealing into same day courier service or technical courier service. Same-day courier service is about delivering the mails and parcels on the same day. As the name conveys this is very speedy and accurate.

After all these basic arrangements, one can get a great deal of help from courier service software .They are of utmost importance in keeping the track of the goods. Like CDMS (Courier data management system) software is very helpful for the courier companies who primarily focus on inter city and intra city deliverance. It has multiple tools including all the details related to courier incoming/outgoing, its weight and unit etc. In the same category, there are soft wares which deal with cargo data management and general data management which has features like comprehensive analysis, tracking, booking and scrutiny, business details.

Then there is few other courier services software which has literally made the work extremely uncomplicated and easy to function. Courier office management system is a kind of software which performs multiple functions. It has many components like courier assistant, courier master, entry menu all performing specialized roles.

As the set-up seems all ready to be launched after all the above preparations, slowly company can be expanded into nationwide courier service.

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Courier Service

Mary Breckinridge is credited to pioneer the courier service. Back in First World War, she was working in an American committee that used to deal by taking personnel into the service whose primary job was to deliver the medical supplies and assisting the medical staffs in far flung places. The official year for record was 1928 and the term given was courier. Sooner as was expected, its popularity increased with changing time and mounting needs. By the end of Second World War, when the need of the hour was urgent delivery of essential messages and commodities, courier services witnessed many folded increase.

After Second World War, a plethora of courier companies have been launched worldwide. Courier Company is primarily indulged in delivery of goods and mails to any place of the world. The services offered by them are accessible almost all the time.

There are large numbers of courier companies in India. It can be segmented into organized, semi-organized and unorganized categories. The organized sector players are quite large in magnitude. These players often have best of speed and reliability. As the competition is heating up, companies are offering specialized services including online tracking of the goods. In this service a customer can check the route via which goods are being delivered and the exact location of the thing in the specific time duration. Many large companies also offer multi-point coordination and heat control facilities for the parcels.

The major players in Indian courier industry are DHL, Blue Dart, First Flight, Gati etc. Out of these players DHL courier definitely has an edge over the competitors since its 68 percent acquisition of another big player Blue Dart. Dhl is a huge brand name in courier industry not only in Indian context but also world wide. It is right there on the top in services such as air shipment, worldwide express and overland transport.

Even in more specialized services such as ocean shipment and contract related logistics, it is the number one. It has a synchronized operating system. Its expertise lies in providing customized solutions to the customers. They have a very potent combination of global reach and local knowledge. Whether, its express document shipping managed through its wide-ranging network or entire aspect of supply chain management; it has managed to carve its own niche in the courier and logistic industry.

The courier industry has some inherent fundamental courier service contract. The details of the contract define about the few specifics including direction related to documents and materials, Clear tariff structures for national and international transport as well. While hiring the courier service, a consumer is supposed to sign a copy of the receipt which has terms of the contract mentioned over it. It clears the terms and conditions for both the parties.

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