Courier Companies In India

If one tries to find a courier company in India, one can find them in every nook and corner of the large part of India. The numbers of courier companies in India have seen a growth reminiscent of wildfire.

Many factors have contributed towards this huge spread. Economic growth, technological advancements, escalation of industrial sector, increase in export and import and large scale effect of liberalization are few of the major reasons. Now a day, courier companies are considered as vital component of any economy.

In the earlier days, the major courier players were centered in major metros because of their better connectivity with airport, ports and railways. But with India rapidly becoming a major economic force, now more and more companies are covering cities, towns and rural areas under their wide network. Despite that development, the large and medium sized companies are still based in the metro cities of India.

Recommended visit : Express Industry Council of India, the apex body of over 3000 courier service providers in the country.

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