Courier Flights

Courier flights are one of the most interesting aspects of courier industry. It caters to air courier industry. Understanding air courier industry first, it is involved in air delivery of goods, parcels, and addressed letters among other things. Air courier establishment also involves the other modes of transport who are instrumental in picking and delivery. It includes both freight and express mail service. It is a part of air cargo industry.

The data for courier flight says that there are almost 30,000-35000 courier flights per year. Such large numbers provide huge opportunity for having inexpensive tickets. Air courier is the person who goes with the business related freight. All one needs to be an air courier person is to have a valid passport and in few cases of certain age. Often these cargos are sensitive in terms of time.

Air couriers are much in demand because, using commercial cargo takes a lot of time. Time gets consumed in loading of goods and inspection by custom thereafter. While few goods need to be delivered urgently, so using air courier and specifically passenger baggage makes the things much easier. As per the airlines rules, a ticketed passenger must accompany the passenger baggage. This saves the courier companies from great difficulties. As passenger baggage is the first to get offload, so the delivery upon the flight arrival is much easier.

One gets to avail great cheap airfare by flying as a courier. Most often than not, a courier person get to fly even without paying. The coach section is made available for the seating arrangement and the courier person gets all the normal service available to other passengers. The common courier air fares discount is almost 80%-90% of the air fare and that is huge concession. The reduction in price is subject to the demand and time of year. Nevertheless, it offers a great discount.

The process is relatively uncomplicated. It includes a bit of advance planning and some last time arrangements, subject to availability of flights. It is often a last minute arrangement and one needs a lot of spare time and slight streak of adventure. But if one is fond of traveling at such great price, there is no better option than flying as air courier. This policy has become quite indispensable to the air courier industry. One tends to get maximum air fare reduction in the flights with impending leaving dates. Normally the courier company charge some registration fees which is on a yearly basis.

Many a times, the courier person has the option of choosing the desired destination. For that, he/she needs to pay ticket money in advance to the courier company who then arrange for the tickets from the airline. Before departing, an agent or delegate from the company meets the air courier person, delivers him the tickets and passenger baggage along with courier documents. The air courier person has nothing to do with the baggage. The sole task of the air courier person is to deliver the baggage to the courier person at the destination airport. Generally the person is provided return trip tickets too.

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