Courier Vacancies

Air courier jobs basically require a person to ship business packages all over the world by using cargo space allotted to customers. Anyone over the age of eighteen can do so by having a valid passport. The advantage to the courier person is that he or she can get incredibly low rates on airfares to Europe, Australia, South America, Asia, and Africa in fact almost anywhere in the world. One does not have to transport the cargo all by oneself; the courier company handles that. All one has to do is carry a copy of the manifest along.

In fact, one can easily save up to 50% or more on fares by traveling as a courier person. And if sometimes one is willing to travel at a quick notice, one can travel absolutely free. To become a courier person, it is better if ones personal schedule is very flexible. One should not mind light traveling, and willing to travel to new places. A passion for travelling and adventure always helps. Best courier services around the world offer as much as eighty five percent discount on a flight rate if one is willing to travel alone on a short notice. The main reason for this is because many companies usually prefer to send their shipments in the cargo hold of commercial airliners with a reliable courier person or a executive passenger on board to escort the delivery.

With increased communication and technology, courier services in India too are on the rise. In India, courier job profile is to operate in an internal courier service by collecting and delivering post and other items. They usually collect all internal mails from offices and other internal sites in accordance with a prescribed schedule. They then deliver the mails to all internal sites in accordance with a prescribed schedule. They also assist in sorting post and in receiving goods and parcels. Basic knowledge, organizational skills and experience is what the essential requirement of the job is.

Apart from that honesty and reliability are also some of the qualities that courier companies look out for while hiring people for courier jobs. It also requires an ability to work without supervision. Maintaining deadlines and delivering the parcel on time is what is very important as far as a courier job is concerned. Knowledge about different places and location is also necessary for the place a courier person is working in. As more and more courier companies are coming up, vacancies in this field is increasing. Prominent courier companies offer good packages along with travel allowances. A courier job can be quite exciting for a person who is passionate about traveling and there are quite a many opportunities available in this field.

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